Today I’m going to teach you how to focus stack in Photoshop.
Why would you need to know how to focus stack?
It is because sometimes, when you are close to your subject you might not be able to get every bit of the subject in focus, this is more so when it comes to macro photography.

So the first thing you going to do is when you taking photo of your subject, make sure its on a tripod and take a photo of the subject.
Then move the focus point to another part of the subject and take the photo again.
Repeat this till you’ve taken all part of the subject in focus.

This bit is taken from Lightroom, but if you’re not editing your photos in Lightroom, then you can move to the next step.

In Lightroom, after editing your photos and making sure there are all exposed so that there all look the same.
From there highlight all the images that you need to focus stack and right click on the highlighted images to bring up the menu.
Then go to Edit In, Open as Layers in Photoshop.

Once that is done and Photoshop has finished the import, you are going to need to highlight all the images then go to Edit then Auto-Align Layers, make sure Auto is selected and hit ok.

Once this is done go back in to Edit then Auto-Stack Layers, and select Stack Images and hit ok.
This will take a few minutes and when its done go to File and hit Save or CTRL+S to save the image.

If you was using Lightroom to import photos in the Photoshop, it will now be back in your Lightroom for you to make any additional edits you like to it.

And this is the finished result, a nice in focus subject with a lovely bokeh effect in the background and foreground.

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