Composition rules in photography are guidelines on how to take a picture that stands out above the rest and are used by photographers to guide them on crafting the perfect shot.

So lets start of with a wired one, theā€¦Golden ratio

The golden ratio is a mathematical equation that is found within nature and can also be used in photography to help compose your shot.

Illustration of spiral arrangement in nature. Fibonacci pattern

As you can see in this image above how the eye leads from the negative space to the spiralling seashell.

As you can see the image is split in to different sections with each section been split even more, that leads to a spiral. This is the Golden Ratio.

Rules of Thirds

Rules of Thirds is where the image is split in to a grid of 3×3 with different focal points at each intersection of the lines.
This is the most common rules used by photographers and is also the easiest to understand.

In the image above you can see the focus is on the dogs tongue as well as its tail.

The Rules of third can not only be used to focus on the subject at the intersection, but also used to split the scene up, for example, skies could be on the top 3rd, ground along the bottom 3rds and the subject on the left, right or centre of the 3rds.Leading Lines

Leading lines is the use of lines that are in the image to lead to the subject or point of interest.
This is something I use a lot when taking pictures of something that has straight lines, like a canal or buildings etc…

The road leads to the hills, along with the eye of the viewer.

Keep the Horizon straight

Keeping the horizon straight is very important, as it will create a more balanced image.
Horizon that is at a angle will draw the attention away from the subject and towards to horizon.

This is such an easy thing to achieve as if you missed it in the camera, you can straighten the horizon in Lightroom or Photoshop.

Full the Frame

Full the frame means just that you want to full the frame with your subject.

As you can see in this image, the frame is filled with the subject and the background.
The butterfly, flower and the flower and leaves in the background.

Negative Space

Negative space can be use to create an emotion of loneliness or emptiness and it can also be used to show how vast something is.

Canoe on glassy water with fog, negative space for text.

Boat alone on a lake.


These are some of the rules that can be used to help you improve your photography.
But these rules are just guidelines to help you produce great work of art.

There are many more rules that can also help you, these are just the most common and well known rules.

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