Mobile Phones can take great photos

So here I am missing around with my phone, and one of my dogs just looking out the window while sat on the window ledge.

I was there just taking a few photos, nothing in mind of how it looked, just messing around and engaging with the dog.

And I still amazed how well the photo looked even though I still see good looking photos from the phone.

Ok, so I do have the same kind of control, speed or larger image sensor size compare to my DSLR.
It is still amazing how the images can turn out, and not have to worry about post production.

So below is the photo I like today from my mobile phone.

Dog on the Window

Autumn Colours

With Autumn now in full swing and the trees have sheared most of there leaves of now, it is now the best time to get them final Autumn photos taken.

Autumn along the Canal in Calderdale West Yorkshire.

I have managed to take a few photos, capturing the essence of Autumn over the last few weeks, all just in time before lockdown.

So with lockdown started, and work been scares, I now have some extra time to work on updating my portfolio and work on adding some new photos to my shop.
You can buy photos at my shop here if you are interested or check out my new Autumn photo here.

See you around and keep on clicking!

Its been a Crazy Adventure

Its been a crazy Adventure from when I first picked up my DSLR. A Nikon D5100 and no idea how to use it.
But I soon learned the technical side of it all and was able to take better and better images over time.

Then I started to learn how to use Lightroom. It was hard at first, there was more work to do than just taking the picture, and I would often over edit my photos and thought that there where amazing.
But as time flew past me, I got better at editing my pictures, and faster too.
I started to gain more control over my photos and in time my photos started to improve to a higher quality.

But that’s not all, I also meet my current Girlfriend who had the same camera as me, a Nikon D5300 at this time, she was not so good on the technical side, but what she failed on the technical aspect she more than made up on the composition side of photography.
So I taught her the technical side of photography and she taught me the compositional side of it all.
This of course made me a better photographer for it.

Now I’ve got my own photography name, “Adventure in Photographyland” and I’m now moving to making money from a hobby that will one day become a business, as I start to learn to find my style and view of the world around me.

This adventure is far from over, and I still got lots to learn, lots to improve on and many more grand adventure as I travel all over England, and parts of the world in search for Adventure and journey and new hope on the horizon and the future.

Kind Regards
Steven Clough
Adventure in Photographyland – Photographer.