Drone Law UK 2021

With the advent of drones and its popular use among videographers, photographers and drone enthusiasts, the law around drones have changed to represent the changes on how drones are used.

These changes in the law are used to ensure safe use of drones, airspace and other legal issues that can arise from the use of drones and video drones.

Whilst I do not own a drone myself (But would love to in the near future), I feel like this Youtuber called BlackBeltBarrister can explain this better that I can.

The video is in 2 parts, and can a local council ban drones that you can view below.
If you find his videos interesting you can check out his channel here: BlackBeltBarrister – YouTube

If you find that video interesting you can see Drone Law Part 2 Your Questions Answered below.

Can a Local Council Ban Drones? Public Law guide by BlackBeltBarrister.

Well I found that very interesting.
Did this help you understand the law surrounding the use of drones in the UK?

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