New Sky Pack Coming Soon…

Sky Replacement

With the latest update to the new Adobe Photoshop 2021, I have decided to work on some new sky replacement packs for the new Photoshop.

The new sky pack will have some of my favourite sky photos edited to bring out more of the details in the clouds as well as some colour enhancements and cropping out the bits that are not needed.

I will be working on this in the next few weeks and will add a download link to my website once it is done and completed and all free of charge.

New Photoshop Update

New Photoshop updates today with the new Adobe Photoshop 2021.
All with some new toys.

So one of the features is the “Neural Filters”.
This can be found under Filter and gives you options of:

  1. Smart Portrait
  2. Makeup Transfer
  3. Depth-Aware Haze
  4. Colorize
  5. Super Zoom
  6. JPEG Artefacts Reduction

And to come in further updates:

  1. Photo Restoration
  2. Dust & Scratches
  3. Noise Reduction
  4. Face Cleanup
  5. Photo to Sketch
  6. Sketch to Portrait
  7. Pencil Artwork
  8. Face to Caricature

I’ve played around with the sky swap, which is one of my favourite and it can seemingly swap out the sky automatically.
You can even add your own sky photos to swap in as well, and all done with a few clicks.

Then there is converting your old black and white photos into colour.
While this feature does not always work, or work as well, it can produce promising result.

All these new features are something that is quite exciting and made work flow a lot easier.
There are more Features which you can learn more about from this Youtuber, Photoshop Training Channel

Its been a Crazy Adventure

Its been a crazy Adventure from when I first picked up my DSLR. A Nikon D5100 and no idea how to use it.
But I soon learned the technical side of it all and was able to take better and better images over time.

Then I started to learn how to use Lightroom. It was hard at first, there was more work to do than just taking the picture, and I would often over edit my photos and thought that there where amazing.
But as time flew past me, I got better at editing my pictures, and faster too.
I started to gain more control over my photos and in time my photos started to improve to a higher quality.

But that’s not all, I also meet my current Girlfriend who had the same camera as me, a Nikon D5300 at this time, she was not so good on the technical side, but what she failed on the technical aspect she more than made up on the composition side of photography.
So I taught her the technical side of photography and she taught me the compositional side of it all.
This of course made me a better photographer for it.

Now I’ve got my own photography name, “Adventure in Photographyland” and I’m now moving to making money from a hobby that will one day become a business, as I start to learn to find my style and view of the world around me.

This adventure is far from over, and I still got lots to learn, lots to improve on and many more grand adventure as I travel all over England, and parts of the world in search for Adventure and journey and new hope on the horizon and the future.

Kind Regards
Steven Clough
Adventure in Photographyland – Photographer.